Year Book

Thanks to TreeRing, our year book is very affordable.  All 32 pages will be in full color, and each student can personalize 2 pages of his book! Softcover books are $9.99 and hardcover books are $16.94.
“TreeRing brings yearbooks into the 21st century by combining the efficiency of just-in-time digital printing and the collaborative power of online social networks to create personalized printed yearbooks that commemorate each child’s unique school experience.”
About Our Yearbook

32 Full-Color Pages
Parents Create 2 Personalized Pages for their Child, Included
Total Cost of Yearbook $9.99 for Softcover, $16.94 for Hardcover
*Parents can purchase additional personalized pages for $3.99 each.

Throughout the school year, please share your pictures with us so we can include them in our year book.  Please email pictures in full resolution to: