“Wee” Care at SCA provides loving child care in a Christian environment 
for children from infancy to four years of age.

Childcare  Semimonthly Payments / Monthly Payments
7:00-5:30 Infant – 18 Months $287.50 / $575
7:00-5:30 18 Months – 2 Years $268.50 / $537
7:00-5:30 3 – 4 Years $249.50 / $499
Registration Fee Per Student (Non-refundable) $25
FACTS Sign Up Fee Per Family $45
Insufficient Funds Fee Per occurrence $30
Late Payment Fee For Payments 10 Days Late $25
NOTE: Late Fee is $10 per child for picking up 5:31-5:45 PM
Late Fee is $20 per child for picking up 5:46-6:00 PM. Â
Late Fee is due at pick up or within 24 hours. Â
SCA Closes promptly at 5:30 PM.Â
Habitual lateness may jeopardize your child’s place in the program.
Multiple Child Discount: If a family has more than one child, thereÂ
will be a 5% reduction with the exception of the part-time programs.Â
The 5% discount does not apply to the first child. Each additionalÂ
child will receive the discount.
Financial Aid: Families may be eligible for financial aid
For information, go to Financial Aid. Â

Payment: SCA uses the FACTS Management Company to collectÂ
and process payments.  Parents may choose to make monthly orÂ
semimonthly payments through FACTS from a checking or savingsÂ
account. Payments may be made by credit card for an additionalÂ
convenience fee. Payment dates can be scheduled on theÂ
5th and/or the 20th of each month. To sign up for a FACTS payment plan,Â
please go to FACTS and follow the prompts. Â